Runescape Authenticator Security tips ❤️ – 2022


Runescape Authenticator Security tips

Runescape Authenticator Security tips: Use these essential safety tips to keep your account safe. Do something to ensure your budget doesn’t get into the wrong hands. If someone has taken over your account, you can get it back here.

Runescape Authenticator Security tips

Set a unique password

Use a different password for each online account you have. So, if one account gets hacked, your other accounts will still be safe.

A good password should be easy to remember but hard to guess or break through brute force. Having different passwords for everything you do online can be hard to keep track of, so you might want to use a password manager like LastPass.

Enable the authenticator

Setting up the authenticator gives your game account an extra layer of security. Even if someone knows your password, they won’t be able to get in without your permission. But if a hijacker gets into your email account, they could turn off your authenticator. This is why it’s important to keep your email safe as well.

Protect your email address

Your other accounts will be safer if you have a secure email address, so make sure to set a strong password and use security features like 2-factor authentication from your email provider. Check out what some of the most popular email providers have to say:

Secure your device

Using a passcode to lock your device can keep it safe from any nearby dangers. You should also turn on and scan your device regularly with your favourite antivirus and anti-spyware software.

You can also use the phishing filters in your browser to warn you about websites that might be dangerous. Here’s how to turn on phishing filters in some of the most used browsers:

Stay up to date

Make sure your operating system and programs are up to date. If you don’t install a critical security update, your device could be less safe. You can find some steps by doing a quick search on your favorite search engine.

Secure any linked accounts

If your game account is linked to a third party, make sure you’ve used the third party’s security features, like Google’s 2-step verification, Apple’s two-factor authentication, or Steam Guard.

Manage active sessions

If you forgot to log out of your account on a shared device or think someone else has access to it, you can end all active sessions, which will log you out on all devices.

Set a RuneScape Bank PIN

A Bank PIN is like the PIN code on your credit card. If someone doesn’t know the PIN, they can’t get to the things in your Bank.

Avoid phishing and scams

Follow these tips to keep from being phished or tricked.

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